Big Dollan’s Fur-Rescue’s mission is to ensure every animal is loved, nurtured and provided a safe and caring space to heal so they can continue on with their journey. 


Our vision is to:

  1. Rescue and rehabilitate sick, neglected and abandoned animals; and
  2. Explore and deepen our understanding of our connection with the Animal Kingdom.

    First and foremost, BD Fur-Rescue is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and healing environment, working with a holistic approach, to rehabilitate the animals in our care back to optimum health.

    Our priority is to ensure that any sick, neglected and/or abandoned animal is given the best second chance at life - we never lose faith or hope in the potential of any animal’s ability to recover and heal from any adversity it has faced. Everyone on the planet deserves a second chance, and a helping hand when needed, and we don’t separate animals from this intention - we never give up and exhaust all options before we prepare a Soul and ourselves for a passing to the next stage of life.

    The other aspect of our mission is to raise awareness and educate people about the undeniable connection we feel towards our pets and Animals. The way our lives transform through forming strong connections and bonds with our beloved pets and animals, provides deep healing and enrichment to our lives, there’s an essence of feeling soothing and comforting when in the presence of animals and is a process we embrace with benevolence. 

    It’s a beautiful journey to witness a human and animal discovering and learning the magic that lies within their connection. 

    It is the ultimate expression of healing and unity.