Hi I’m Bethany “Big Dollan” and I am the founder of Big Dollan’s Fur-Rescue.

A lot people ask where “Big Dollan” comes from and how it relates to this animal rescue.

I’m one of 5 amazing siblings, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the eldest sister aka Big Sister and i’ve always called my 2 younger sisters “Doll / Dollan”. It’s such a catchy nickname that we all call each other Dollan and because I’m the eldest sister, it’s inevitable I’m Big Dollan.

I’m a country girl at heart, growing up on the land, with nature, animals, space and fresh air allowed me to a deep connection to our Mother Earth and Animals.

One of my deepest passions in life is Animals and how they impact our lives in so many positive ways. My parents knew from a young age I had a special connection with animals, I was always off exploring, getting lost and running free with all the animals on our farm. I found them soothing, comforting, understanding to my sensitivity, soft, playful, cheeky, loving and I always felt safe in their presence.

I’ve always believed we come to earth

I can’t wait to continue sharing this journey with you and to witness this unfold organically for me, you and our beautiful animals that will cross our pathways in divine timing

For me this was my gift.


I created my own Not for Profit animal rescue as I am very passionate about animals and their well-being.

The story behind why created my own rescue was one night at work I saw a very small kitten running across a main road. She was feisty, scared and about 8 weeks old, she had been clearly dumped or apart of an unsocialised litter. I wasn’t in a position to keep her myself therefore looked for ways to rehome her without ending up at a pound or shelter.  After 3 days of trying to rehome this little kitten it was looking like I was going to have to hand her into the pound, but my heart felt so sad and she seemed very happy in my care, so I kept her. Her name was Eleven as she was found at 11:11 on 1.11.18. 

I adjusted my life to give Eleven the most loving and happy future. We established an incredible bond and it was me her living our best lives together for 2 years.

Then 2 days before her 2nd birthday, Eleven went missing, never came home after her usual afternoon sniff and that was 


Big Dollan’s Fur-Rescue’s mission is to ensure every animal is loved, nurtured and provided a safe and caring space to heal so they can continue on with their journey. 


Our vision is to:

1. Rescue and rehabilitate sick, neglected and abandoned animals; and

2. Explore and deepen our understanding of our connection with the Animal Kingdom.

First and foremost, BD Fur-Rescue is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and healing environment, working with an holistic approach, to rehabilitate the animals in our care back to optimum health.

Our priority is to ensure that any sick, neglected and/or abandoned animal is given the best second chance at life - we never lose faith or hope in the potential of any animal’s ability to recover and heal from any adversity it has faced. Everyone on the planet deserves a second chance and a helping hand when needed and we don’t separate animals from this intention - we never give up and exhaust all options before we prepare a Soul and ourselves for a passing to the next stage of life.


The other aspect to our mission is to raise awareness and educate people about the undeniable connection we feel towards our pets and Animals. The way our lives transform through forming strong connections and bonds with our beloved pets and animals provides deep healing and enrichment to our lives, there’s an essence of feeling soothing and comforting when in the presence of animals and is a process we embrace with benevolence. 

It’s a beautiful journey to witness a human and animal discovering and learning the magic that lies within their connection. 

It’s ultimate healing and unity 



We develop deep and intimate connections with animals. There’s a knowing between us and them that our connections are real, unexplainable, nurturing, trusting and loving. We honour our connections with animals. 


Animals are the gateway to healing parts of self that’s beyond what we intellectually can process or heal and therefore embrace with an open heart.


We show great respect towards all animals. We respect their space, their ways, their needs, we respect their journey. 


We trust ourselves and we trust the animals, we trust the process. 



Generosity and open heart 



Deep care for all creatures



Turning into the sensitives so that we can recognise the need and respond to it better than others that don’t have the sensitiveness towards.