• "The healing you receive from animals should never be underestimated, it’s a powerful force and it’ll get you eventually."

  • - Bethany Swiggs.
  • “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”

  • – Leonardo da Vinci.
  • "Animals help us to remember the joy, fun and love that is around us and also within us."

  • - Bethany Swiggs.

"The healing you receive from animals should never be underestimated, it’s a powerful force and it’ll get you eventually."

- Bethany Swiggs.

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.”

– Leonardo da Vinci.

"Animals help us to remember the joy, fun and love that is around us and also within us."

- Bethany Swiggs.




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"Bethany has been amazing all across the process. It's very obvious she cares deeply about the cats and kittens she rescues and wants the best for them. The adoption package handed over when getting the kittens was just top notch with explanations of the personalities, health, habits, routines that each cat had to make sure the transition to a new home would be successful.
This was the best adoption experience we ever had."

Isobel, Ivory & Evelyn's, Fur-Parents

"Timmy and Pippa did not have the best start to life and were very lucky to find Bethany.  The care and love Bethany gave Timmy and Pippa is evident in the delightful confident pussy cats they are today.  It is obvious to me that Bethany gave an enormous amount of time and effort to rehabilitate Timmy and Pippa by the way they trust us, are very affectionate and talkative with the whole family and how quickly they adopted us! Bethany was very easy to communicate with.  She was welcoming and also understood and was sensitive to my family’s feelings about adopting another pet nine months after losing our precious cat.  Bethany matched us with the perfect pair.  We could not be happier and I would recommend Bethany to anyone looking to adopt."

Timmy & Pippa's Fur-Parents

"Adopting with Bethany was the best thing I could have imagined. Not only did she take time to tell me about the kittens but she took time to get to know me and made sure they were the right fit for us. Bethany made the whole process so smooth and easy which really had me at ease during the adoption process. The kittens I brought home have been nothing short of loving and amazing thanks to Bethany. I couldn’t recommend her more and if I could adopt 5 more, I seriously would!"

Diego & Louis' Fur-Mumma

"We absolutely loved our experience adopting through Big Dollan's Fur-Rescue! We had been searching for a kitten on Pet Rescue when we saw quite possibly the cutest kitten ever, white and grey with the sweetest smile. I put in an application ASAP and within a few hours I had already received an email back to schedule a call. The call I had with Bethany was fantastic, she was so easy to talk to and you could just tell she wanted to find the best home possible for her kittens. We were lucky enough to be invited to a meet and greet where we got to sit and play with all the kittens. We were absolutely ecstatic when we were picked to be her fur parents! What we loved was the constant updates on Instagram, it was so comforting watching how happy our kitten was, what mischief she was up to and how loved she was. We also loved staying connected with Bethany after the adoption, sharing new things she was getting up to and how big she was getting. I don’t think our adoption process could possibly be better, it was an amazing experience and the love Pearl has bought into our home has made me wonder how we lived life before her”

Pearl's Fur-Parents

"I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to adopt my darling little kitten, Jiji, through Bethany. Bethany pours her entire heart and soul into giving cats/kittens a second chance at life. Bethany is so passionate about her work as a foster mum and it shows. She sent me home with a detailed manual on Jiji, all her little quirks and creature comforts as well as her current routine at the time for ease of transition for Jiji. Plus info on bringing your new furry baby home and how to go about it. Very helpful manual to have. She kept in touch once I took Jiji home, and whenever I had questions with a few teething issues (especially around dinner time) she coached me through. 
As a foster parent Bethany plays such a crucial role in these kittens/cats lives, she is setting the foundations of their lives essentially. She is showing them what it means to be truely loved and cared for while getting to know their personalities and finding their forever home. To adopt a kitten/cat through Bethany count yourself lucky, and know that your future furbaby has had the royal treatment, the creme de la creme of care!"

Jiji's Fur-Mumma

"Bethany was a pleasure to deal with and made the whole adoption process,  including the paperwork a breeze.
Bethany was honest & upfront with me to be sure Raina found the right home. However, what was most impressive was the support provided after adoption. Bethany always makes time to answer any questions or concerns you have about your new family member. She is determined that the furbabies are the right fit. I had two entirely different pet rescue kittens to blend and she was happy to talk me through my worries.
She is honest to tell you when it’s not right or when things need time. I was nervous about the two of them, but it’s definitely a perfect match.
Ruby’s (Raina’s new sister) siblings we’re struggling to be re-homed, so I put them in touch with Bethany for advice, without pressure or judgement. Bethany offered to help, by finding them a loving home that was just the right fit.
I can’t recommend Bethany enough, not to mention I have never been to a home with so many furbabies (16 foster kittens at a time) that was so clean, calm and loving"

Raina & Ruby's Fur-Mumma

"We adopted our two fury babies in August 21 and Bethany was amazing from the start. On the first phone call she could tell me so much about their personalities and now that we’ve lived together for a few months I can tell she was spot on! We visited them in a spotless house with more toys than a kitten could dream of. It was our first pet adoption and Bethany was so helpful. She answered all our questions and gave us tips, from our babies favourite food to websites recommendations. If our fury babies had a rough start in life, they surely got all the love they deserved when Bethany rescued them. Those two happy fury balls put a smile on our faces everyday!"

Imhoptep & Mooncake's Fur-Parents