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Q. Where are you located?

A. We are located down on the Mornington Peninsula , Victoria.

Q. What animals do you rescue, rehabilitate and re-home/adopt?

A. Currently we are only rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing/adopting cats and kittens. We definitely see this scope expanding in the future, however for now our rescue group is primarily focusing on felines.

Q. Do you do interstate adoptions?

A. Unfortunately we do not do interstate adoptions. Please reach out to other rescue groups or local shelters in your area.

Q. At what age can we adopt a kitten?

A. Most kittens are ready for adoption from 12 weeks of age. However, all kittens spend a minimum of 4 weeks in foster care due to the work we need to do with them to get them physically, emotionally and mentally ready for their forever home.

Q. Can we adopt a kitten under 12 weeks old?

A. Unfortunately not. The required vet work is not complete on a kitten until 12 weeks (at a minimum). 12 - 16 weeks is also the ideal age for a kitten to be adopted into their forever home. They are still cute as a button, cheeky, funny, more confident, well versed to socialising with humans and ready to start forming strong connections with their fur-parents.

Q. What is your adoption process/how do I adopt through you?

A. Once a kitten is ready and listed for adoption (on Pet Rescue and our website) you will then need to fill out an online “Adoption Application” on our website under the “Adopt” tab. We unfortunately do not accept DM’s on social media, messages through Pet Rescue or our contact page as an adoption application for any of our kittens.  You must fill out an "Adoption Application" through our website to be considered as an eligible forever home. We only accept adoption applications once a kitten is ready and listed on Pet Rescue and our website. Once adoption applications are received we will go through all applications and contact a shortlist of potential forever homes we feel would be a perfect match and discuss further details from thereon. 

Q. I have previously applied for a kitten and was unsuccessful, can I apply again?

A. Yes, you sure can! We emphasis throughout the entire adoption process that it is our upmost priority that finding the most suitable forever home that is willing to provide an environment that best suits each foster as well as meeting their needs long term comes first. Therefore, if you have been unsuccessful in the past, please apply again. Each cat/kitten has different needs and it is important we thoroughly go through all applications to find our fosters their most suitable forever home. The last cat/kitten may have not been your perfect match, however the next cat/kitten you apply for might. So please apply again if you feel called too.

Q. What is your adoption fee and what does it include?

A. Our adoption fee is $350.00. It includes vet work inclusive of their first and second vaccination (FVR, FCV & FPV), spay/neutering procedures and microchip. We also provide in-home holistic care treating all our kittens with additional supplements to support our kittens emotionally and physically on a deeper level.

We treat for worms from 6 weeks of age fortnightly and then monthly from 12 weeks of age.

We treat for fleas from 6 weeks of age which we administer monthly.

Q. We only want to adopt 1 kitten, is this possible? 

A. Yes absolutely. We do adopt single kittens out to their forever homes however it is subject to their personality and needs. Some kittens will/do prefer to be adopted out by themselves however have noticed it is more the minority. We prioritise the kittens needs first and assess whether they will thrive as an only cat or not. It is a case by case scenario. 

Q. We would like to adopt bonded siblings is this possible?

A. It sure is. Most of our kittens are adopted as bonded siblings or even as a litter. Cats are instinctively pack animals and when kittens grow up in a litter they form bonds with their siblings, some more than others. It is imperative as foster carers to continue nurturing this behaviour as it impacts their mental and emotional well being. All our bonded siblings who have been adopted into their forever homes have been perfect examples of why it’s so important that siblings continue their journey together in their forever homes after foster care. We have received feedback from all families who have adopted more than 1 kitten from us saying “we could never imagine them without each other, we love knowing they have each other and our family just wouldn’t be complete with one cat”

We always like to say “the more the merrier”.